How It Began


I walked around thinking life was all rainbows and butterflies until he shook me up that day.  I was in active wear and had no form of protection on me.  My husbands pocket knife was at home in a drawer, with the Mace.

I decided to sew a small knife sheath inside my sports bra and used that home-made prototype to file for patent.  From there, we’ve continued to receive a whirl-wind of support.  Our family, friends, connections and and partners are the best in the world!

The early success of being featured on local news in over 30 markets encouraged us to focus on OUR MISSION and the meaning of OUR BRAND. BOOBY TRAP BRAS is committed to offering women everywhere practical self-defense options. BOOBY TRAP BRAS is the brand that tells an attacker to think again.

“Stay safe. Stay active.”   Booby Trap Bras… protection in more ways than one.

Thanks for your support.